1. Introduction to Water - Aqua Initiation Stage:

  • Embark on your aquatic journey with the Aqua Initiation Stage. Begin by familiarising yourself with the water, focusing on basic water safety, and cultivating a sense of comfort. Dive into the joy of aquatic play and lay the foundation for your swimming adventure.

2. Foundational Skills - Hydro Mastery Stage:

  • Progress to the Hydro Mastery Stage, where you'll hone foundational swimming skills. Explore controlled movements, master basic strokes, and embrace the art of buoyancy. This stage emphasises developing a solid foundation for your swimming journey.

3. Building Techniques - Aquatic Proficiency Stage:

  • Transition to the Aquatic Proficiency Stage, where refining strokes becomes the focus. Concentrate on enhancing techniques such as front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke. Embrace the elegance of streamlined movements and cultivate a proficiency in navigating the water.

4. Mastering Techniques - Fluid Precision Stage:

  • Advance to the Fluid Precision Stage, mastering swimming techniques with precision. Perfect your strokes, explore treading water, and develop the stamina required for longer swims. Dive into more complex aquatic activities with a focus on achieving fluidity and grace.

5. Stamina and Endurance - Aquatic Prowess Stage:

  • Achieve the Aquatic Prowess Stage, emphasising building water stamina and endurance. Explore advanced techniques, perfect competitive strokes, and cultivate the strength required for more extended swims. Develop the prowess needed for challenging aquatic feats.

6. Mastery and Personal Goals - Nautical Apex Stage:

  • Enter the Nautical Apex Stage, where you'll master advanced techniques and set personal swimming goals. Refine your strokes, explore deep dives, and cultivate the spirit of adventure in open waters. This stage encourages personal growth, self-discovery, and achieving the apex of your aquatic capabilities.

7. Ironman Swimmer - Aquatic Conquest Stage:

  • Finally, conquer the Aquatic Conquest Stage, signifying the pinnacle of your swimming journey. Achieve the endurance, strength, and mastery needed to swim like an Ironman. Dive into the challenge of long-distance swims and open water races with the confidence and sovereignty of an aquatic conqueror.

Progression for adults learning to swim