Here's what our customers say

Great option for private classes

Great option for private classes. The location in the Barbican School for Girls is very practical, quiet and clean. Instructors are all very friendly, including for young children (we have started as young as 3 years old). Easy to book and coordinate. Recommended! - Elodie

Excellent teaching

Brian and Norbit have been amazing, and filled my daughter with confidence in the pool, and she loves coming to her lesson every week.- Oliver N.

Did the week crash course

Did the week crash course - great sessions that every day built on the next. Instructor was fantastic - and patient. Loved it. - Dennis G.

I attended a Swimming Crash Course this…

I attended a Swimming Crash Course this week, which I really enjoyed. My teacher Eva was patient, funny, and excellent. I now need to put into practise what ive learned. I would certainly promote Brian, Eva and their Swimming Course to friends of mine. - Derek.

Very good swimming instructors

Very good swimming instructors. My two daughters have really benefited from the classes, and will definitely continue after the summer holidays. - Mads I.

Excellent Swimming School

Brian is an excellent teacher who is really calm and helps you build up your confidence with every stroke. My swimming has really improved and my confidence is increasing lesson upon lesson. Highly recommended.- Mariane K.

Great lessons, the best money I have spent. My daughter has become a very confident swimmer, even after just one semester. Brian and his team are friendly, offer well structured lessons, and my daughter enjoyed her lessons with Ivan, who is brilliant. Would highly recommend even if it's just to get your child confident in the water.

- Tanya M.

I took lessons with Steven in preparation for a Sprint distance triathlon, and even though it was only 4 lessons, my technique improved significantly thanks to Steven's coaching. The result for my first ever competitive open water swim (and the 3rd ever open water swim): 750m in 18 mins 12 secs, averaging 2 mins 26 secs per 100m. Nothing to complain about for a first try!

I'd definitely go back for more lessons to work on technique, the only question being how long my next open water swim will be. Strongly recommended!

- Eugene L.

Have been taking my 6 year old daughter for 3:1 swimming lessons with Brian at Swimming Class UK since she was 3 years. When she started she was afraid of getting her face wet. Now she is a confident and strong swimmer. She loves the lessons and it's a joy watching her learn and grow.

- Jemima H.

I've been a confident lane swimmer for years, but I found that I was just turning up to the pool and doing about 1k of fairly boring front crawl.

I signed up for lessons with Brian to learn how to do butterfly, of which I'd never done so much as a single stroke of, and to learn how to do kick turns.

After a series of lessons I've just finished my first 50m length of butterfly, my front crawl feels significantly improved and I can do kick turns at the end of the lane with confidence.

Brian is a very relaxed, approachable and friendly guide to improve your swimming with. I can't recommend his down-to-earth style of coaching highly enough.

- Ralph C.

I think Brian could probably teach a rock to swim. I recently completed the one week intensive course, hopeful that he could do the impossible and teach me to at least float in the water. I was not disappointed. By the end of the week I was not only floating and gliding but managing to swim several metres at a time. A small miracle considering how uncoordinated I am. Brian is an incredibly patient and talented teacher. Each instruction is broken down into steps and link together to help build your skill and confidence. If one method doesn't work for you, he will find another that does. I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.

- Naami M.

I am currently training for a half Ironman in May and a 10k open water event later in the summer. I have Improved my swimming and fitness since I started taking lessons about a year ago. I have been having 3x lessons a week with Steven, one of the teachers and the structure of the lessons are well planed and tailored to the events I am doing. I would recomend these guys for triathletes ore open water swimmers.

- Ellen D.

I had been taking lessons at my local leisure centre to no avail but Brian and his team were excellent and took me back to the basics. The facilities at the City of London Girls School are excellent and the pool is long and with quite a deep end to get one out of their comfort zone.

I am much more confident now and have gone on to swimming independently in the sea and comfortably in a deep pool. I frequent my local pool with a new found resolve and motivated to take up more water-based activities.

- Halar M.