Swimming Crash Course

We offer swimming crash courses at two of our locations, Barbican and Barnet. Each course shall be tailored to the swimmers unique skills and abilities, there are many degrees of differences between swimmers. The one to one swimming crash course is suitable for all levels of swimmers, from the beginner, fear of water, more advanced, or even triathlon swimmers.

The Barbican pool shall be only available during school holidays and half terms, generally we shall hire the pool from 9am until noon. If we have an overflow of bookings, we can also extend the pool hire to afternoons.

The Barnet pool shall be available for crash courses every week, limited to Tue, Thu and Fri mornings. This six hour crash course would be from 06:15am until 08:15am each day.

Both pool have shallow and deep ends, so you can master your deep water skills in a short space of time. Deep ends are hard to come by with most swim schools in the London area, as many swim schools operate in pools with no deep ends.

If you want to do the crash course with a friend or partner, it is strongly advised that you both are at a similar level. Otherwise the course would be counterintuitive.

Please contact us now and we can begin your swimming journey together.