Private Swimming Coach in Borehamwood.

Elevate Your Swim: Lane Coaching at The Venue, Borehamwood

Ready to take your swimming to the next level? Ditch the crowds and dive into personalised lane coaching at The Venue, Borehamwood. Glide through 25 meters of crystal-clear, 29°C water, guided by expert coaches who will refine your technique, boost your speed, and push you to reach your aquatic goals.

Elevate your every stroke:

  • 25m pool - Perfect for all levels of club swimmers, triathlon and ironman swimmers.

  • Lane hire - We shall have exclusive access to the lane, no other swimmers shall share the lane during the coaching session.

  • Dive blocks - If requested, we can arrange for the dive blocks to be setup for the duration of the coaching session. Please let me know prior to booking.

  • Backstroke flags - Flags are positioned for your backstroke turns, how many strokes do you take before you roll over?

  • Water 29 degrees - Steady pool temp, this is the perfect training temp imo.

  • Parking - Paid parking out back, it is beside the council offices.

This pool is ideal for those who can already swim, and are looking to improve their swimming technique, turns or dives. We can also tailor a personal coaching plan for you.

Limited spots available. Contact us today to schedule your free phone consultation and experience the difference expert coaching can make!

The Venue

Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 1JY